The first post

As we start Suplex, one of our main goals is to create an internet presence that is more than just a supplement to our projects and events. We want to make this website a hub for creatives to collect their thoughts, spill their guts, and allow for serious discourse that could potentially lead to new projects, programs, and events that Suplex could help realize. This page won’t simply be an experiment in writing and cyberspace connectivity, but more so it will be an experiment in the presentation of artistic endeavors. A Few questions I’ve been asking myself: Can we build something greater than a blog using Squarespace’s blog template? Can this blog act as a cyber-gallery? Can this gallery be realized in physical spaces, and what would that look like? I don’t have any answers yet…this is, after all, just the first post on Suplex Voice.

I want to encourage all of our readers to contact us if you have ideas. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Use the comment section on the posts – we’ll read them, we’ll respond, we’ll think about these things together.

A few announcements:

Hillerbrand and Magsamen: A Fluxus Practice in Suburbia is nearly fully booked. To RSVP to the event, email  

Jillian Conrad will present for November's Narrative Process event. Registration will open two weeks before the event. More information about this event is coming soon. 

We will be working with Ryan Hawk and Lauren Moya Ford this Winter, creating engaging, audience-participatory solo exhibitions for each artist. We’re asking the first big questions that will set the tone for their exhbitions – we’ll keep you updated here and on our Facebook page. You can learn about each of the artists on the projects page.

We’re just getting started. Stick with us.

Thanks y'all,