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Everything we want it to all times LAN Party

In anticipation and preparation for the opening of Suplex’s upcoming group exhibition, Everything we want it to be…at all times, Suplex invites interested individuals to participate in a live brainstorming session at the comfort of their own computers. 

Join us online this Thursday, July 17th, when the artists will come together for a LAN party-style conversation via Google+ Hangouts. As a member of an online audience, Suplex invites you to join our conversation by sending a message to the official email account of the group exhibition, Once a message is received, the artists will send online participants an invitation to join the Google+ Hangout, to post ideas, provide critical feedback or encouragement, or just follow along with the conversation. Simultaneously, the artists will be creating an image stream on that responds to the text conversation, viewer feedback, or their own whims and fancies. While there are no certainties about what shape the evening will take, this event provides a unique opportunity to engage with and be a part of Everything we want it to be…at all times.

This event is co-presented by Rice University, Department of Visual and Dramatic Arts.